Qoutes about Love

We choose to love because we choose to become happy. The happiness that love could give is something that is precious and special. It’s a different kind of happiness. It is something you didn’t expect that would come. Love is joy. Love lessens the stress in life. It gives you life again and again. If love will cause the death in you it will be the only key to keep you alive again. Choose to be happy and read inspirational quotes about love.

1. “We don’t need a reason to love. We just love, love and love.”

People always find reason of everything that happens in their life. They want something that they could blame after every actions. The truth is, we don’t need a reason to love. It just happen. Love will just come and make you live again. Love will make you happy again. We stand up after every breakneck fall so we just continue to love and love and love again until we can.

2. “Love makes everything possible.”

Life became possible because of His love. He loves us so he saved us. There are things in our life we didn’t expect that would happen because we thought it was impossible to happen. Love will make everything possible. It will be possible for you to care and help others because of love. It will be possible for you to create mistake and learn from it because of love. You chose to wake up every morning because you chose to love. You became possible because of love.

3. “Love wants you to be patient.”

Patience is a virtue. Being patient is being able to control your time. You’re not chasing time, time chases you. You are willing to wait because of love. Love makes you eager to wait and be contented a while of what you have right now. Love wants you to slow down. It don’t want to get tripped and fall down on the ground because you were walking too fast. Love wants you to be patient. Love is still preparing its surprise for you.  

4. “Don’t quit love. Love will not quit on you.”

As long we live, we will never stop on loving. This is part of us humans. After every heartaches, pain and regrets will come but these are not a good reason to quit or stop from loving. You don’t quit love, you’re just afraid to face it again. Be brave to stand up and continue loving. Love will never quit on us even after death.

5. “Love will give you so many reasons to continue living.”

There will come a time that people feel so worthless and hopeless. They were suffering from all the pains everybody is giving to them. They just want to quit from living. On the other side of darkness, love will brighten ever brighter for us to see that there are so many reasons to continue living. Love wants us to continue fighting. Love wants us to be brave and strong. 


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