Single doesn’t mean you’re sad and alone.  It means they are strong and brave to stand on their own feet.  They are independent and contented with what they have and what they believe is happy. There are some perks and advantages because you are single.  Be happy because you are single.

  1. “Single means you’re free.”

Freedom is the best gift you could receive.  Time will come that you will choose to leave because it is the only way for you to continue living.  The only choice is the last option and it is to end the reason of dying.  You are already free to live on your own. No one will cause another reason of pain because you chose to be free.

  1. “Single means you are patient.”

Singles are those who have no worries.  They are happy when someone came and still happy when no one come.  They are simple and happy with the way they live and love.  They are contented.  Patience is a virtue. Expect that after the long wait there is always a big reward.  Those who are good at waiting are the one that will receive the one they truly deserve.  Someday they will be happy and everything will be enough to live with it forever.

  1. “Single means you deserve someone else’s love.”

You are single because you don’t deserve the love from your ex.  You’re giving a lot but your taking nothing as the return.  There was no fairness from the past so there will be someone who will come soon.  If you believe the love is enough then it’s the one deserving for you. Two people deserves each other because they chose to believe on the same meaning of love.  Wait for the right time because there is someone waiting for you too.  You deserve someone else’s love.  Don’t waste your love to a person who doesn’t know it’s worth because there is someone who deserves your love.

  1. “Single means you’re the one controlling your time.”

Time is money.  It is you who will control your time so it means you are the one that will make your own schedule.  You have a lot of time because there is no one sharing with you.  You have the time to do whatever you want without asking others opinion because you control your own time.  Time became your best friend because time gave you the right reason to be and to stay single.

A single man don’t need to check his watch randomly because he is not waiting for her snail girlfriend anymore.  A woman don’t need to rush herself preparing for the date his boyfriend prepared fro them.  No one will be affected when you chose your own time because you are single now.  Single means you are the only one holding and controlling your own time.

  1. “Single means no responsibility to check if he/she is still alive.”

You have no worries because you are single.  You don’t need to obligate yourself to check someone’s state.  You could focus on your plans for yourself and family.  You are not responsible of his/her actions anymore.  You focus on your own actions and decisions because you are now single.  There will be no fights because you didn’t miss any responsibility from your partner.

  1. “Single means yes to travel.”

Traveling with anyone you like is the best gift for yourself.  You are appreciating the beauty nature and friendship.  You gave yourself a chance to unwind and live again.  We all know that we had all die from different heartaches and pains but we make our choice if we will live again or not.  To travel with the people you love and to treat yourself from all the hard works you made is the best part of being a single.

  1. “Single means less jealousy.”

You have no reason to be jealous. Sometimes you could feel it but it doesn’t hurt a lot because he/she is not the reason anymore of the sudden jealousy.  You are single so no one will get hurt easily when you are with other people.  No one owns you anymore so you’re free from headaches and nonsense conversations.

  1. “Single means growing from your own decisions.”

There is no one that will affect you from making your decision but if there are someone that will it doesn’t cause a lot of affection because it doesn’t come from him/her anymore.  It is you who will make your decisions in life that would lead you to become a better version of yourself.  There are factors that may influence you but it only depends on yourself if you will let it influence you or not.   You hold your own controls.  It depends on you whether the next decision you make will help you or not.

  1. “Single means you know your priorities.”

Singles are single because they are busy.  Busy of preparing their selves for the near future or for the things that may come ahead.  They lend their time on the things that they thought it will help them someday, things that they will not mostly regret at the end.  They have listed their priorities from most important to least important. Luckily, they wrote love life at the end of it so there will be less distraction.

  1. “Single means more time to love yourself.”

As Justin Bieber song Love yourself says, “Coz if you like the way you look that much, oh baby you should go and love yourself.”  Singles now chose to love their selves this time.  This is the time you return the favor for yourself.  Let yourself breathe again.  Let your heart beat normally again.  Let you brain feel no ache again.  In short, rest yourself.  While resting, let yourself feel the love that you forgotten to give when you were busy putting your love to someone who doesn’t deserve it.  Live again.  After the pain and the fatal death caused by the pain and wounds from the past live again and let the wounds be scar.  Scars will remind you that you survived.  Scars will make you love yourself even more.

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