Happy Qoutes about Life

Happy Qoutes about Life

There are so many facts in life that would keep you positive and happy. We discover it from ourselves and sometimes hear it from others that influence us to do so. Here are some quotes about life that would let you choose whether you’ll be happy or not.

  1. “Law of Attraction: Positive mind, positive outcome; Negative mind, negative outcome.”

Think positively and the result will be positive too. Think negative thoughts and the result will be negative too. It always depends on you, on your decisions and way of thinking. Choose to be happy and I’m sure it will just take time and you’ll be happy at the end. You’re brain is the CPU of your body. It will command your body to do something to perform something. “It’s all in your mind.” Everything you want to do starts inside your mind. You visualize it first in your mind before you see the real one in front of your eyes. Think positively so positive thoughts and decisions will sync into your mind that will lead you to be happy in life.

  1. “There are always consequences after every action so be ready to d one.”

Hindus believes in the Law of Karma which means their actions have its own consequences. Consequences may be classified as goo or bad.  It will be good if you decided to create good actions or karma in life. In Hindu, karma means action. There are always consequences after every action so be ready to do one. Let there be lessons on every consequence in life. Those lessons will teach us to be wise next time.

  1. “Learn from your mistakes and do better next time.”

We can’t grow if we don’t learn from our mistakes. You can’t go to the next level if you didn’t mastered or finished the recent level you are playing. By learning from your mistakes you will do better next time. Your decisions will lead you to either good or bad. It depends on you if you’ll learn from it or not. Experiences will teach you so many lessons in life don’t be afraid to create one.

  1. “Stress is temporary, happiness is forever.”

You’ll face different problems in life while walking on your journey to your dreams. There will be problems that would hurt you in the worst way it could and it will trigger you not to continue you journey in life.  Don’t let it stop you from dreaming. Stress, problems and conflicts in life are all temporary. It will just pass by like typhoons do. You’ll going to finish it because you’re brave to do so.

  1. “You’re the author of your own decisions.”

Like all people say, “you make your own decisions in life.” There is no one else to blame but yourself. It is up to you if you will blame or thank yourself  for what you have learned from your decisions. It is you who will make your own story. He will just add some of His masterpiece on our stories to make it more meaningful and successful at the end. Decisions are powerful. Standing from your own decisions is hard. What’s easy is receiving rewards from it. Reward for hard work, punishment for wrong decision. Be the author you want to become. Write a story you want others to read for them to be inspired. Live for God’s glory.


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